• Aqua Kubernetes-Based Applications

    delivers seamless runtime security controls for clusters managed on Amazon Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes. Aqua, provides a platform for securing container-based and cloud-native applications, today announced its support for Amazon Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes (Amazon EKS). Supporting Amazon EKS uses Aqua’s Kubernetes-native security controls..... lees meer

  • Snyk Cool Vendor-App and Data Security

    “The heavy use of open-source components often lacks proper vetting for vulnerabilities and license obligations, as well as mechanisms to alert to new issues as they're discovered.” Gartner Cool Vendor. Snyk helps developers use Open Source Code & stay Secure. Continuosly find, monitor, fix, alert & prevent vulnerabilities..... lees meer

  • Boldon James launches Classifier 3.9

    Boldon James launches Classifier 3.9 – taking data classification to the next level and supporting EU GDPR compliance Latest release from leading data classification specialists expands extensive feature set to enable greater compliance with new EU Data Protection Regulations and offer best-of-breed automated and user-driven classification functionality..... lees meer

App specific password
A specific password that only works with Microsoft Skype4B clients which prevents the need to expose or store the Active Directory password on any mobile device.

Skype4B device registration
Device registration ensures that only Skype4B devices pre-registered on a user is allowed to connect. If a password is stolen, it doesn't work on other devices.

User identity
Policies can be applied based on specific user profiles in the corporate Active Directory.

Optional Multi-factor authentication
PointSharp Mobile Gateway can be combined with the product PointSharp ID. This add 2-factor authentication of the user with One-Time Password (OTP). Combined this give multi-factor authentication with user identity + device identity + OTP device. Different usage scenarios are supported.

Provides an easy and secure access to Microsoft Exchange for mobile users.

Providing secure access to Microsoft Exchange with Outlook clients, Outlook Web Access and mobile devices in one single product, ensuring that the same level of security is achieved no matter how users access email.

With Microsoft Exchange, a user has many different ways to access their e-mail. It is always important to authenticate the user before access to the email given. But it is equally important to have the same level of security on all the different ways of access to e-mail.

Security and usability normally contradicts each other. PointSharp makes security easy for users to access securely to Microsoft Office 365. Automation, Self-service or SMS notification are some features that makes it easy.

Two-factor authentication
PointSharp protects the user logon to Microsoft Office 365 with two-factor authentication (2FA) by combining the user credential (username + password) with a One-Time Password (OTP). This ensures that all access to information within Microsoft Office 365 is protected and the organization know who is accessing each account.

Includes a wide range of token options to generate an OTP. Application specific password and Smartcard authentication.