• Aqua Kubernetes-Based Applications

    delivers seamless runtime security controls for clusters managed on Amazon Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes. Aqua, provides a platform for securing container-based and cloud-native applications, today announced its support for Amazon Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes (Amazon EKS). Supporting Amazon EKS uses Aqua’s Kubernetes-native security controls..... lees meer

  • Snyk Cool Vendor-App and Data Security

    “The heavy use of open-source components often lacks proper vetting for vulnerabilities and license obligations, as well as mechanisms to alert to new issues as they're discovered.” Gartner Cool Vendor. Snyk helps developers use Open Source Code & stay Secure. Continuosly find, monitor, fix, alert & prevent vulnerabilities..... lees meer

  • Boldon James launches Classifier 3.9

    Boldon James launches Classifier 3.9 – taking data classification to the next level and supporting EU GDPR compliance Latest release from leading data classification specialists expands extensive feature set to enable greater compliance with new EU Data Protection Regulations and offer best-of-breed automated and user-driven classification functionality..... lees meer

CYREN WebSecurity transforms your security cost model from a capital to an operational expense, while increasing your protection.

Simplify your network infrastructure by allowing remote users to connect directly to the Internet through our global platform, removing the need to bring traffic back to your security appliances.

With CYREN WebSecurity, there is no software or hardware to install, operate, maintain or upgrade. Protect up to 5 devices per user, for just pennies per day, dramatically lowering your total cost of ownership versus traditional solutions.

Enjoy global scale and protection. CYREN WebSecurity runs on the same Cyber Intelligence Platform that protects more than 600 million users, through 500,000 global points of presence.

EmailSecurity as a Service uses a unique spam, phishing and malware filter based on CYREN Bulkcheck technology. It examines email for the key characteristics of spam, phishing and virus outbreaks, i.e. the distribution pattern.  

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Each email is reduced to a tiny fingerprint that is compared to the fingerprints of other emails stored in the central databases. Identical as well as sufficiently similar email is used as basis of comparison. This method provides high-quality detection for determining whether the email is part of a bulk mailing. Additional inspection procedures allow for reliable differentiation between undesired (spam, phishing and outbreaks) and desired (e.g. newsletters) bulk emails. In parallel a signature based virus scanner is used.

The infrastructure used for EmailSecurity as a Service is located in certified computing centers in Germany, guaranteeing compliance with stringent German data security regulations.

Devices operating in the cloud, need cloud-based protection. Check video.

CYREN WebSecurity offers the industry's most robust cloud-based security that
protects devices and data, regardless of type or location. Offered through a proven security-as-a-service (SecaaS) deployment model, companies can address their traditional web security needs-plus accommodate an increasingly mobile workforce and operate a "bring-your-own-device" (BYOD) policy.

* URL Protection-Block connections to phishing and other malicious sites to prevent infections and credential/login compromises.* Antivirus-Reduce the risk of malware infections or the need for time-consuming cleanup.

* Advanced Persistent Threat Detection-Secure corporate assets, such
as PCs, laptops, tablets, and Android phones.