• Boldon James launches Classifier 3.9

    Boldon James launches Classifier 3.9 – taking data classification to the next level and supporting EU GDPR compliance Latest release from leading data classification specialists expands extensive feature set to enable greater compliance with new EU Data Protection Regulations and offer best-of-breed automated and user-driven classification functionality..... lees meer

  • Alert Logic latest Cloud Security Report

    Houston – August 15, 2017– Alert Logic, the leading provider of Security-as-a-Service solutions for the cloud, today announced the availability of its 2017 Cloud Security Report. The report analyzes customer data from more than 3,800 Alert Logic cloud, on-premises and hybrid cloud customers over an 18 month period, from August 1, 2015 to January 31, 2017..... lees meer

  • Black Duck- Security for Open Source

    Black Duck helps the world’s most innovative companies streamline, safeguard, and manage the use of open source software (OSS). Their comprehensive OSS Logistics solutions enable enterprises of every size to gain systematic visibility into and control over how they acquire, approve, scan, monitor, secure, inventory, and deliver open source code..... lees meer

Atlantis HyperScale all-flash hyper-converged appliances provide an ideal
infrastructure platform for server virtualization that provides servers, storage, networking and virtualization in a single appliance at a cost that is 50-90% lower than traditional datacenters.

Atlantis HyperScale hyper-converged appliances deliver virtual desktops with
the performance of a MacBook Air at up to 75% lower cost when compared with
traditional storage or other hyper-converged appliances.

Atlantis HyperScale all-flash hyper-converged appliances deliver outstanding
storage and compute performance for all types of databases at a 50-90% lower

Atlantis USX(tm) is a software-defined storage solution that delivers the
performance of an all-flash storage array at half the cost of traditional

Pool any SAN, NAS or DAS storage and accelerate its performance
by up to ten times, while at the same time consolidating storage to increase
storage capacity by up to ten times.

With Atlantis USX, enterprises can avoid purchasing additional storage for more than five years, meet the performance needs of any application without buying new or faster storage hardware, and transition seamlessly from costly shared storage systems to lower cost hyper-converged systems and public cloud storage.

Atlantis ILIO(tm) lets you deploy faster and more cost effective virtual
desktops and applications.

Atlantis ILIO is a 100% software solution that changes the way Citrix
XenDesktop/XenApp and VMware Horizon (with View) consume storage, reducing
storage requirements by up to 90% and delivering virtual desktops and
applications that are faster and cheaper.

Atlantis HyperDup(tm) Content-Aware Data Services processes all IO on server RAM before it hits primary storage to minimize IO by up to 95% and reduce runtime storage footprint by up to 90%.