• Can you withstand a Multi – Vector attack?

    With Cymulate you can...Rather than rely on lengthy and manual penetration exercises that, by their nature, can only occur periodically, an organization can use automated means to frequently assess the efficacy of their myriad security controls against the newest threats..... lees meer

  • Morphisec Endpoint Threat Prevention

    Morphisec Endpoint Threat Prevention prevents advanced attacks when and where they happen – at your endpoints and in real time. Morphisec Endpoint Threat Prevention protects your endpoints from all exploit-based, memory injection attacks..... lees meer

  • Vectra receives award for IOT security

    “Research shows that the Cognito platform from Vectra is highly differentiated in its application of machine learning and AI to deliver the broadest range of use-cases and real-world efficiencies in cybersecurity,” as stated by Frost & Sullivan. “Vectra raises the bar in AI-driven threat detection and Vectra to maintain growth on the strength of its cutting-edge Cognito platform.”..... lees meer

Why Alert Logic




THRU Inc : Fast Notification and Tailored Remediation

Watch the video of Sergey Arutiunov, Chief Technology Officer, explaining how he appreciates Alert Logic’s solution for immediate notifications of any suspicious activities. But what’s most important to him is that an Alert Logic Security Analyst contact’s Sergey’s team to personally analyze this type of situation.


TIME MAGAZINE : Security for TIME Inc on AWS

Alert Logic solutions for Time Inc. on AWS public cloud platform.  Watch the video from Colin Bodell, CTO & EVP at Time Inc.


SIMPLY BUSINESS : A DevOps Approach to Security

“Partnering with Alert Logic allows me to keep a leaner team. Also, instead of drowning in false positives, we only have to wake up at night when there’s an actual problem.” Watch the video


WEALTH WIZARDS : Security and Compliance for Business-Critical Cloud-Based Appliances

Richard Marshall from Wealth Wizards discusses why his organisations trusts Alert Logic to secure their business-critical cloud based applications hosted in AWS. “Security is a big concern but we have the confidence of real top class expertise having that security oversight for us. We are safe in the knowledge that we have experts looking at our network activity 24×7″ Watch the video


NewVoiceMedia : Benifits from Security-as-a-Service

Alan Duckworth, Information Security Officer at NewVoiceMedia, was initially drawn to Alert Logic as it was the only security provider in the AWS space that could equip them with an Intrusion Detection System (IDS). When NewVoiceMedia started working with Alert Logic, they also decided to adopt the log management and vulnerability management solutions, in order to gain a single-pane of glass visibility across their entire environment. Watch the video