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  • Meldplicht Datalekken

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  • Uw bedrijfsdata 24/7 beveiligd

    Alert logic Cloud Defender is een Fully Managed (SaaS) dienst, welke vanuit data centers in de VS en Europa 24/7 worden uitgevoerd en inzetbaar is in diverse cloud omgevingen. 

    Wat doet het Cloud Defender?

    > Threats/Vulnerabilies: monitort 24/7 al het netwerk verkeer (intern/extern etc)
    > Logs: verzameld en rangschikt log informatie voor ieder OS,
    > Web security: beveiligt web applicaties tegen threats PCI DSS 6.6 compliance.
    > ActiveWatch: Deze service is 24/7 en wordt pro-actief gemonitord

  • ActiveWatch 24/7/365


    > Service wordt 24 x 7 uitgevoerd

    > Gecertificeerde security analisten

    > Direct klantcontact bij gevonden bedreigingen

Intrusion Detection And Vulnerability Scanning

Alert Logic Threat Manager with ActiveWatch services provides 24×7 threat detection monitored by experts in Alert Logic’s Security Operations Center (SOC) for your entire IT environment. Driven by global threat data and research, Threat Manager detects suspicious activity and scans your network to identify vulnerabilities before an intrusion occurs.

Log Management And Analysis

Each day your organization is amassing large amounts of log data. Ensuring that you can access this data for compliance and security needs can be complex and expensive. Alert Logic Log Manager is a cloud-based log management solution designed to take the complexity and cost out managing logs. With Alert Logic Log Manager you can collect, aggregate, and normalize log data from any operating system, network device, and application in your environments automatically.

Web Application Firewall With Management Included

The best way to protect web applications is with a Web Application Firewall, or WAF. WAFs interrogate web traffic in context with how web applications work and identify everything bad, even traffic coming from a known, good source. So why doesn’t everyone have a WAF? Because monitoring, managing and tuning a WAF so it only identifies that bad traffic is hard. That is, until Alert Logic Web Security Manager.

24×7 Security Monitoring

Traditional security products promise effective security, but all too often become “shelfware” that fails to deliver. ActiveWatch services fill the gap: active management and security expertise required to leverage complex technology.

Alert Logic ActiveWatch managed services provide the human expertise required to gain deep insight into your security and compliance posture. Staffed by GIAC-certified analysts, Alert Logic ActiveWatch provides an organization with specialized skills and expertise that would be difficult to develop and maintain in-house. These experts give an organization the ability to:

Threat Intelligence & Security Content

Alert Logic provides a unique solution for customers by incorporating all the components necessary to secure and protect your environment in one offering. Unlike other providers who only deliver products and static security content, Alert Logic customers get the benefit of continuous research and up-to-date security content as part of a single solution. It is this dedication and commitment to uncovering threats and defining security content to combat those threats that makes Alert Logic the leading provider of Security-as-a-Service for cloud and hybrid IT environments.

Security & Compliance For Public Clouds

For price, flexibility and many other reasons, organizations are increasingly looking to public cloud providers such as Amazon Web ServicesGoogle Cloud PlatformMicrosoft AzureRackspace Public Cloud and others to house or augment their IT infrastructure. While cloud providers deliver a strong security foundation, you are still responsible for protecting the applications and data in your cloud environment from threats such as web application attacks and brute force attempts.

Alert Logic can help. Their intrusion detection, vulnerability scanning, log management and web application firewall solutions run natively in leading public cloud environments and take advantage of unique cloud capabilities like auto scaling.

Security & Compliance For Hybrid Clouds

Many organizations today are using more than one cloud approach – mixing public and private clouds as well as on-premises IT infrastructure. But while a hybrid approach delivers a great deal of flexibility, it can also bring some unique security challenges because every hybrid environment is potentially unique.

Alert Logic can help. We secure hybrid clouds with the same security solutions used in multiple IT environments—physical, virtual, private and public clouds—eliminating the need for multiple tool sets that you need to install, learn and manage.Alert Logic security and compliance solutions natively protect public cloud, hybrid cloud, and on-premises IT infrastructure. Our cloud-based service delivery model delivers three unique benefits to customers.

On-Premise Security-as-a-Service Solutions

When you run important applications and keep valuable data in your on-premises datacenter, how do you ensure they’re secure? To ensure security, you need to run up-to-date security solutions, powered by the latest threat intelligence, and monitored constantly so you can mitigate attacks if and when they happen.

Alert Logic can help. With Alert Logic Security-as-a-Service, customers receive three distinct advantages: market-leading security tools, a fully outsourced and managed SaaS delivery model, and integrated 24×7 security operations center (SOC) services to monitor and provide expert guidance, deployable anywhere a customer has IT infrastructure — including your on-premises datacenter.