• Can you withstand a Multi – Vector attack?

    With Cymulate you can...Rather than rely on lengthy and manual penetration exercises that, by their nature, can only occur periodically, an organization can use automated means to frequently assess the efficacy of their myriad security controls against the newest threats..... lees meer

  • Morphisec Endpoint Threat Prevention

    Morphisec Endpoint Threat Prevention prevents advanced attacks when and where they happen – at your endpoints and in real time. Morphisec Endpoint Threat Prevention protects your endpoints from all exploit-based, memory injection attacks..... lees meer

  • Vectra receives award for IOT security

    “Research shows that the Cognito platform from Vectra is highly differentiated in its application of machine learning and AI to deliver the broadest range of use-cases and real-world efficiencies in cybersecurity,” as stated by Frost & Sullivan. “Vectra raises the bar in AI-driven threat detection and Vectra to maintain growth on the strength of its cutting-edge Cognito platform.”..... lees meer



Alert Logic

Alert Logic provides security and compliance for cloud, hybrid, and on-premises infrastructure, allowing customers to benefit from deep security insight and continuous protection at a lower cost than legacy security offerings. Fully managed by a team of experts, the Alert Logic Security-as-a-Service solution provides network, system and web application protection immediately, wherever your IT infrastructure is deployed.

Alert Logic partners with the leading cloud platforms and hosting providers to protect over 2,800 organizations worldwide. Built for cloud scale, our patented platform manages petabytes of data, analyzes over 450 million security events monthly, and identifies more than 60,000 incidents a month that are managed by our security operations team. Alert Logic is based in Houston, Texas, and was founded in 2002. There international HQ is based in London and with offices in Cardiff  and Belfast and Cali in Columbia. For more information, please visit

When it comes to security, all business environments should be equally matched, regardless of size. That’s why they created a cloud-based, multi-tenant Security-as-a-Service solution that works in small- to mid- to enterprise-level infrastructures, wherever your sensitive data is stored.

Alert Logic’s security model is built on a platform that fully integrates our software solutions, security operations, and security research into a single solution that keeps your resources and your data secure and compliant. As a leading cloud security provider we monitor, they analyze, and protect your network with intrusion detection, vulnerability assessment, web application, and log management solutions. Coupled with 24×7 monitoring, expert guidance, as well as security research and content, they are the protectors of your environments.

Alert Logic focuses on Security-as-a-Service, Vulnerability Assessment, Intrusion Detection, Threat Management, Log Management, Compliance, Web Application Security, 24×7 Security Research and Operations, SaaS, Cloud Security.

Simplified IT

Based near Amsterdam Simplified IT offers security related solutions, both products as well as managed services (SaaS) from a number of vendors including those from Alert Logic. Service areas include: Web Security, Email Security, Email Archiving, Intrusion Detection, Threat Management and Log Management, Data Protection, IT Compliance Management, and Instant Message Security, Network Access Control, eDiscovery, Encryption & Authentication. The focus being, to work with mid and larger size Companies, Government agencies & organizations, helping them to address their security needs.