• Aqua Kubernetes-Based Applications

    delivers seamless runtime security controls for clusters managed on Amazon Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes. Aqua, provides a platform for securing container-based and cloud-native applications, today announced its support for Amazon Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes (Amazon EKS). Supporting Amazon EKS uses Aqua’s Kubernetes-native security controls..... lees meer

  • Snyk Cool Vendor-App and Data Security

    “The heavy use of open-source components often lacks proper vetting for vulnerabilities and license obligations, as well as mechanisms to alert to new issues as they're discovered.” Gartner Cool Vendor. Snyk helps developers use Open Source Code & stay Secure. Continuosly find, monitor, fix, alert & prevent vulnerabilities..... lees meer

  • Boldon James launches Classifier 3.9

    Boldon James launches Classifier 3.9 – taking data classification to the next level and supporting EU GDPR compliance Latest release from leading data classification specialists expands extensive feature set to enable greater compliance with new EU Data Protection Regulations and offer best-of-breed automated and user-driven classification functionality..... lees meer

Clear view of folders and mailboxes.

Gives the administrator a graphically prepared and clearly structured overview about the complete permissions on Exchange elements such as public folders, calendars, mailboxes and mailbox folders.

All memberships at a glance, read folder permissions. Display of "Send As" permissions, forwarding, vacation messages etc. 

Exact overview of who may send emails in whose name. Help for previously confusing permission situations.

A compact graphical overview of all permission levels.

Group memberships of a user are displayed and can be changed

For SharePoint it shows which permissions have been assigned to whom inside of the SharePoint resource and what has been changed. And does so immediately and clearly.

Changes visible through scan comparison. 

Current permission status with SharePoint report. "Who has access where?" Inclusive option, suspend group memberships.

All changes in the familiar 8MAN interface.

Assignment of permissions by each data owner directly in SharePoint.

Time-limited memberships

8MATE for vSphere provides transparency in user and group permissions and proposes standard workflows.

Who may do what where? Which rights are delegated? Uncover unnecessary permission paths and redundancies. All rights of a user are presented in an overview and all users who have particular rights are listed.

Overview of all rights. Listing of all users. No training or long adjustment periods for new admins. The everyday business of authorization is quicker and easier.