• Can you withstand a Multi – Vector attack?

    With Cymulate you can...Rather than rely on lengthy and manual penetration exercises that, by their nature, can only occur periodically, an organization can use automated means to frequently assess the efficacy of their myriad security controls against the newest threats..... lees meer

  • Morphisec Endpoint Threat Prevention

    Morphisec Endpoint Threat Prevention prevents advanced attacks when and where they happen – at your endpoints and in real time. Morphisec Endpoint Threat Prevention protects your endpoints from all exploit-based, memory injection attacks..... lees meer

  • Vectra receives award for IOT security

    “Research shows that the Cognito platform from Vectra is highly differentiated in its application of machine learning and AI to deliver the broadest range of use-cases and real-world efficiencies in cybersecurity,” as stated by Frost & Sullivan. “Vectra raises the bar in AI-driven threat detection and Vectra to maintain growth on the strength of its cutting-edge Cognito platform.”..... lees meer


Simplified-IT biedt oplossingen en consultancy op het gebied van Cyber/DevOps SecurityData Beveiliging & Managed (Cloud) Security vanuit een SOC.

Kenmerkend voor onze marktbenadering is de focus op innovatie en het kijken buiten de gebaande paden.  Simplified-IT biedt daarom naast “mainstream” technologieën juist ook nieuwe, vooruitstrevende oplossingen aan die de richting van morgen bepalen.
Deze omgeving is zeer dynamisch en Simplified-IT helpt u daarbij om bij te blijven.



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